Letter: Don’t buy Related’s pitch

Members of the Snowmass Village Town Council:

Many of us have chortled at:

• “The check is in the mail.”

• “I’ll respect you in the morning.”

• “I never inhaled.”

Few Snowmass Village residents have expressed mirth at:

• “I’m from Related, and … ”

• “We’re here to help.”

• “We’re really telling the truth now.”

• “We have firm construction plans.”

• “We will imminently complete the roundabout and the second Viceroy building, facilitate the relocation of Anderson Ranch ( and work with Skico to build a Limelight equivalent in Snowmass Village, etc.”

Please, council members, don’t continue to be wooed by more “absolute” commitments and promises based upon Related’s “trust me” scenario.

Please consider not extending Related’s vesting rights until you see, in writing, and agree with, in principle, the “22 construction milestones” and require legally enforceable financial consequences should Related renege again. Our only leverage over Related is the extension of its vesting rights. Related’s continuing mantra of “trust me” must be ignored.

Nancy and Philip Shalen

Snowmass Village


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