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Letter: Council needs to get it together

As members of the Part Time Residents Advisory Board, we want to express our extreme dissatisfaction with the continued dysfunction of the Town Council.

It is not just the consistent pattern of split votes (3-2) on issues of importance that is killing projects and literally gutting the economic and social well-being of our town. Recent meetings have the tone of a Jerry Springer show. Cynicism, caustic remarks, lack of collegiality, lack of preparation, ignorance of town rules and regulations – all have been on display in recent meetings, much to the dismay and embarrassment of residents and part-timers alike. But it is council members who should be embarrassed at such behaviors.

Although part-time residents do not have a vote in local elections, we care deeply about the town and its well-being. We are at a crossroads now, this winter of 2014; exciting projects are ready to move forward, but without a unified voice, our town of Snowmass Village continues to stall, mired in personal politics. Enough already!

Nancy Shapiro, chairman, Muriel Eulich, Bob Fike, Greer Fox, John Michelman, Joyce Shenk

Part Time Residents Advisory Board

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