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Letter: Capitol Peak Community Contribution

Capitol Peak Community Contribution

Twenty-four Base Village garage parking spaces (or a 4 percent increase) will be added for general use as a result of Capitol Peak’s parking analysis. Solely as a result of Capitol Peak shining a light on excessive special use spaces and Town Council’s relentless reminders to Related, 24 special use spaces will be converted to full-size general use spaces. The garage will still meet or exceed special use space requirements.

Unfortunately, Related blindsided Capitol Peak owners with eight major changes to their parking and continues to decline to treat Capitol Peak in a manner equal to other Base Village properties.

Except for Capitol Peak, all Base Village buildings will have covered loading zones. Related plans to strip Capitol Peak of 100 percent of its five loading zone spaces at the same time it is providing three arrival/loading zone spaces in the garage for Building 5, projected to be Aspen Skiing Co.’s Limelight Snowmass hotel. Capitol Peak is willing to accept just two loading zone spaces, but Related is unwilling to compromise.

Related provides gated, entirely secured parking for Building 1 and for Building 7, but Related plans to remove the fence protecting Capitol Peak parking from public parking and Capitol Peak parking will be open to incursions by the commercial operation, Mountain Club, 228 members who will compete for 57 spaces immediately adjacent to Capitol Peak parking. As yet, there are no penalties for an incursion into parking for which Capitol Peak owners pay annual fees totaling about $56,000 in addition to the four-digit HOA fees for each unit for maintaining the entire garage, which is in addition to Capitol Peak’s own building HOA fee.

Except for Capitol Peak (and new 4AB in the same parking area), all Base Village buildings will have 100 percent of their entitled spaces adjacent to their buildings. Related even counts a walkway as a valid space in the Capitol Peak parking area.

Except for Capitol Peak, all Base Village buildings will have point-to-point parking. Owners and guests for all residential buildings except Capitol Peak’s 87 unit owners and guests will turn from the helix and drive immediately towards their destination elevators. Capitol Peak visitors and owners will be forced to follow a one-way path, first away from their destination, then travel through a labyrinth of turns past Building 8, past Building 5, past Buildings 4A and 4B and the full length of the garage before they will even be able to catch sight of the Capitol Peak elevators.

Skico stated the Limelight parking was moved from being adjacent to Capitol Peak parking to another location because it was too difficult for Limelight guests to find the helix and park … but apparently it is OK for Capitol Peak guests and owners to suffer through the path described above. Ironically, Capitol Peak has point-to-point parking today — it will only be changed because Limelight and the Mountain Club will purchase parking spaces from Related.

Capitol Peak has suggested three simple changes that address all but pass-issuance problems. These changes are 100 percent under Related’s control and Capitol Peak is eternally optimistic that Related will compromise and make the three changes.

Personally, when Capitol Peak is treated as equally as all the other Base Village residential properties, I’d enjoy sharing an adult beverage with Related’s Jim D’Agostino at a Super Bowl Party with a toast of “This PUD’s for you!” — just don’t know what year that is going to be.

Pat Keefer

Snowmass Base Village

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