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Letter: Calling out Related

Calling out Related

Dear Snowmass Village Town Council,

Some years ago, Snowmass Village residents lost confidence in Related. We could no longer trust this company or its spokepersons. Non-performance and misrepresentations to the town of Snowmass Village were the issues. Lying is the most common cause of losing confidence in someone forever.

Strong, lasting, win-win relationships are built on trust. How might Related regain our confidence?

Related could commit to stop being duplicitous and be more transparent in its interactions with us.

Related could admit and own up to its failures and explain them to us in a way we could understand.

Related could decide to work with us in a way that all our interests were considered.

Related could decide to complete those Base Village projects they start.

The confidence-building could take years, be ultimately successful and the interactions with our town, though not perfect, could be more peaceful, forthright and ingenuous.

Nancy and Phil Shalen

Snowmass Village


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