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Letter: Blumenthal should get out of the way

Dear editor:

It seems your columnist Blumenthal cannot take a hint. Instead, he writes another poison-pen letter. He should take some direction from his fellow scribe Roger — “maybe it’s time … to get out of the way.” Hard to see how Blumenthal is any expert on community “operational skills,” and he is obviously lacking in the “personality” department. Snowmass could use some positive vibes.

I agree with Roger on Base Village. Let the approvals expire. Two thoughts. The “arrival center” — to be kind — did not turn out well. Each year I am marching first and second graders from the elevator to the gondola. It is the “trail of tears.” Is there no way to get the “arrival” further up the hill (off Wood Road?) that would allow a view up the mountain and at least a level approach to the village?

Second, for at least 40 years Snowmass residents have thought about a “base lodge” as a part of “Base Village,” in the way of so many of the country’s ski areas. The Yellowstone Lodge is too much to hope for — but a place for families to meet, lockers, tickets, refreshments, tables and chairs, bathrooms, etc. Highlands has something like that. Probably something that could be multipurpose and multiseason. Maybe a public-private partnership to raise the funds. Could some of those foundations be adapted for a building like that?

Unfortunately, the Base Village venture was always about the real estate and never about the community or the ski area. The “community” got greedy and got a bad result. Changes are usually best made in stages so one can check the results and make adjustments. Snowmass got the stages anyway, so make some adjustments.

Patrick Hunter


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