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Letter: Baden-Baden over Base Village

Baden-Baden over Base Village

Snowmass was originally conceived as the most complete ski resort in the country with the most accessible and user-friendly ski accommodations.

The Aspen Ski Corp.’s ad in the Gourmet magazine of December 1991 stated, “For families, it’s Snowmass and its wide variety of ski-in and ski-out accommodations.”

Unfortunately, Snowmass never developed as a summer resort or as a year-round resort. Today it finds itself at a loss to attract visitors who are necessary to make it totally financially viable. Aspen, on the other hand, has developed numerous attractions — the music tent, the summer opera, the Aspen Institute, a magnificent new art museum, and attractive stores and restaurants. Snowmass has nothing.

Snowmass is now in discussions with Related on Round 2 with the village leaders concerning that company’s view for what will attract summer visitors to Snowmass. That view is wrong and won’t do it. It is a “money out” and not “money in” approach except for developers.

A good friend in Snowmass has put forth a better idea. That idea is to re-create Snowmass not only as a ski resort but also as a spa. An “American Baden-Baden,” if you will, or a Golden Door Ranch. All that is required is a major hotel operation such as the Brenners Park Hotel and Spa in Baden-Baden, Germany, or Golden Door Ranch in the U.S., which have the experience and panache necessary to carry it off.

That approach will guarantee a summer season, which Snowmass badly needs. It will be better than a dinosaur museum, which is a static exhibit that people see only once, not the great experience that the current millennials and young marrieds in America want.

The Viceroy should not complain because this would benefit it, as well. A good tide raises all boats.

Irving Harris

Cincinnati and Snowmass Village


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