Letter: A manifesto for Snowmass Village

Editor’s Note: This letter was also sent to the Snowmass Village Town Council, Planning Commission, town staff, Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District, and members of town boards and committees.

A manifesto for Snowmass Village

Let’s adopt a slogan. “Our goal is to make Snowmass Village the Greenest and Friendliest Village in America.”

The following is for everyone’s consideration.

1. Base Village’s financial security must be a condition. It can be in many forms: bond, letter of credit, assignment from a lender, guarantee by Related after review of their financial information. Price negotiations plus 150 percent.

2. Related should use renewable energy and retrofit existing property. The standard should be the Rocky Mountain Institute’s new building in Basalt. This will require a proposal for review by a professional hired by the town at Related’s expense, or East-West’s.

3. Require all recorded, or to-be recorded, documents be attached to future sales agreements or leases. If any documents are changed then the buyer must agree to the changes or can cancel and get a refund.

4. Related should donate money to the fire department and an ambulance as part of a larger “impact fee.”

5. Of course, the expenses to review the developer’s request should be paid by the developer. There is no free lunch.

6. Because of the increased population a traffic signal may be required, not just a roundabout, but expansion of roads such as acceleration and deceleration lanes all the way to the entrance roundabout. A stoplight may be needed at Owl Creek and Brush Creek roads.

7. We need a new name, such as Snowmass Village West or Snowmass Base Village. Let’s have a contest for a new name, a prize for the winner. I’ll donate $100 toward the prize.

8. You are designing a “new city” of probably a half-billion dollars. You may only get one bite at the Base Village apple. Take your time. This will draw worldwide attention. Cities have cultural buildings, such as entertainment centers, sports centers, libraries, discovery centers, auditoriums and the list goes on.

9. Many municipalities charge an “impact fee” to pay for expansion for waste water and water facilities, increases in storm water controls.

10. Related should pay Base Village HOA fees for the units planned until sold.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village


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