Letter to the editor: Less development in Snowmass

Kudos to Britta Gustafson and Roger Marolt for their columns last week on development in Snowmass Village. The serendipitous combination of the two lead me to some reflections on our town.

I thought of the “spirit of place” I have experienced and felt over my years of living in the village. You may know another name for spirit of place is “home.” It occurred to me there are only so many injuries this spirit of place can incur before it turns into something else.

Sadly, Aspen has turned into something else by virtue of its never-ending construction and the massive amount of workers and traffic it takes to realize it. Aspen is a town that is fully commoditized. It should be a cautionary tale to Snowmass Village, not something to emulate.

So, let us say to our public officials who think things like constant construction, roundabouts and over-sized buildings are fait accompli: Many of us do not want anymore.

Thanks Britta and Roger. And while you are likely “tilting at windmills,” I think I will join you.

Jeff Kremer

Snowmass Village