Keeping up with the Jeffs |

Keeping up with the Jeffs

Compiled by Jill Beathard

Editor’s Note: Business as Usual is a series highlighting local businesses in Snowmass Village. It is published weekly in the Snowmass Sun.

The Snowmass Resort Conoco has provided residents and visitors with important services since the early days of the ski area. Owned today by Jeff Jandegian and Jeff Head, known fondly as “Big Jeff” and “Little Jeff,” many people consider the station an important part of the community.

Snowmass Sun: How did your business start?

Jeff Jandegian: Snowmass Resort Conoco was created in 1968 by our forefathers who developed Snowmass Village. They had a vision for the town, and the first commercial building was a gas station. They believed it was the No. 1 need for the community.

SS: What services or goods do you sell?

JJ: We are a full-service gas station. We tow cars that have slid off the road; we do service calls; we sell snacks, etc.; we sell batteries, tires, wipers and all accessories; we repair cars, fix flat tires and supply the community with public restrooms (which have been kept spotless for 32 years); we give information to visitors; and I could go on forever with many more things.

SS: What makes your business unique?

JJ: We are one of the very few gas stations that are real gas service stations. Open year-round with a venue of unique services, including full service at the pumps, it is something that is not easy to find these days.

SS: Who is your primary clientele?

JJ: We have a mix of clientele, from all the condos, hotels and private businesses to part-time homeowners to a large tourist trade and most importantly the local people who make Snowmass Village what it is.

SS: What is the best thing about running a business in Snowmass?

JJ: The best thing is the people. Many locals come in as early as 6:30 a.m. when Little Jeff gets there. They discuss everything you can imagine. When you talk to people that live here, some travel all over the world, and they tell me Snowmass is hard to beat. I love talking to all our customers, and I try to treat all as good neighbors.