Keefer: Unnecessary access under Capitol Peak walkway |

Keefer: Unnecessary access under Capitol Peak walkway

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It was 6 a.m. on Feb. 28: Under the Base Village Capitol Peak walkway and between the Capitol Peak buildings, the snowplow roared across the snowmelted Base Village pavement. The floors vibrate with its high-rev passage. There is no reason for a snowplow to be on snowmelted pavement. There is no snow here.

It is a mystery why Base Village developers East West, Aspen Skiing Co., and KSL provide access to the gated snowmelted area to a snowplow and other vehicles under the overhead walkway. The walkway has been hit twice by developer-granted access — once was too much.

The question has been asked for years of all the proper developer-managed HOAs why unnecessary access is allowed under the Capitol Peak walkway. The vehicle-transit under Capitol Peak property issue is being raised publicly because Skico will shortly be redeveloping its lifts that serve Base Village.

Previous private requests have been ineffective at preventing damage to the Capitol Peak overhead walkway and attached adjacent buildings due to developer-granted access.

It is hoped that this public request will lead Skico to restrict all Base Village lift redevelopment access to Wood Road entry to Base Village.

Pat Keefer

10-year Base Village owner, 47-year visitor, and Texas resident