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Juicery pressing to cleanse community

Amanda Charles
Snowmass Sun

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Call it a fad, hype or a placebo effect, but much research shows that raw juice, when extracted from organically grown vegetables and fruits, provides the easiest way for your body to ingest a high percentage of vitamins and minerals found in these foods. Integrating a strict raw-food and -juice diet into their lives, people around the country have reversed diseases such as diabetes and advanced cancers, all while experiencing an immediate surge in their overall health and energy.

Wholeheartedly believing in the power of a natural diet, Woody Creek resident Peggy Margolin started the Mountain Juicery out of her home in 2012, when she began cold-pressing fresh juices in the morning and dropping them off at the Woody Creek Cafe to be sold the same day. Today, Margolin continues to spread her nourishing recipes throughout the upper Roaring Fork Valley with more than eight different juices to choose from and a delivery service that will drop the juices off at any home or business in the valley.

Between batches of “Mint Condition” and “First Tracks” — rich in ingredients such as spinach, ginger, lemon, mint, kale and parsnip — Margolin spoke about her introduction to the raw-food market, her sourcing for ingredients and the methodology behind her practice.

Snowmass Sun: When were you first introduced to juicing as a dietary path?

Peggy Margolin: Last summer, a close friend of mine had been juicing for quite some time, and I witnessed firsthand the remarkable improvements she had in health and energy. I got hooked right away, and soon after, I realized that juicing had become quite a trend in many places. From there, I felt inspired to start a business that could bring good health to the people of our community.

SS: Where do you source your ingredients from, and how do you come up with the recipes?

PM: I visit Whole Foods and City Market pretty much every day to find the freshest ingredients for my recipes. I found that sourcing the ingredients directly from the shelves makes for the best results. My recipes are both a product of my experimentation with different combinations in the kitchen and my own personal tastes.

SS: Where can I find your juices? Do you offer them in different sizes?

PM: I make my juices fresh every day at the Woody Creek Cafe and sell them behind the counter. They are for purchase in 8-ounce mason jars, which can be returned for a dollar deposit that can be used toward your next purchase. I also offer a shop online where customers can order juices in pints or quarts to be delivered in quantity wherever they please.

SS: When you opened the business in 2012, what was your overarching goal besides providing great juice?

PM: With the start of my business, I was really interested in making sure everything came full circle — I wanted to source out whole, simple and organic ingredients from local distributors and farmers so that everyone could benefit. We live in a beautiful place, where we become busy working and playing in the mountains. We need something fresh, especially in the winter, to boost our vitality and support our immune systems so we can take full advantage of our time here.

SS: How has starting Mountain Juicery affected your diet and lifestyle, and what are your hopes for the future?

PM: I have always believed that happiness comes from good health, and throughout my life I have explored all possible nutrition and exercise options. With the addition of fresh juices into my diet in the morning and at night, I have discovered that perhaps it’s about eating simply rather than restrictively, allowing food to heal and nourish the body. For the future, I hope more and more people of the community will try my products and become turned on to the unlimited benefits of raw juice.

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