Is it time to clean up a bit in Snowmass? |

Is it time to clean up a bit in Snowmass?

Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun
A pile of wood lies in a corner of the Snowmass Rodeo grounds. After a resident sent a letter about the general appearance of public places in the village, the Town Council is questioning what can be cleaned up on town-owned properties like the rodeo lot.
Jeremy Wallace/Snowmass Sun |

Snowmass Village is in need of some spring cleaning.

That’s at least according to one resident, whose vision gained some support at last week’s Town Council work session.

Real estate broker and resident Leah Moriarty wrote a letter to the elected officials outlining some improvements that she believes could be made in public spaces around the village. While it will take time to get the right boards and individuals involved, the Town Council was open to the idea of making some progress on aesthetic issues that have existed for a long time.

To Moriarty, those issues especially exist as visitors enter the village, such as an amber digital sign at Town Park, inadequate holiday lights, and what looks like trash visible in the rodeo lot.

“I think our ‘arrival experience’ from the very beginning of Brush Creek Road and Highway 82, along with before the roundabout, are both weak and inadequate, given the world-class mountain that we are,” Moriarty said in her letter.

Councilwoman Alyssa Shenk asked if Moriarty’s real-estate clients ever comment on anything, and the broker said that they do.

“That’s how we buy, is the feeling,” Moriarty said. “We don’t need to compete with corporate, digital things that never change. … To me people come here to (get away from that).”

While Town Manager Clint Kinney pointed out that many of the items at the entryway are for the rodeo, Moriarty questioned if some of it is just junk. Materials on the rodeo grounds include wires out of place — “Why are those hanging down?” Moriarty asked — and bleachers stacked up that appear to no longer be used.

The town needs to decide what it wants to do with the land at the entryway, though, Kinney said. Plans for developing the area stalled during the recession, and the town began a new public process for it last year.

“What do we want that area to be?” Kinney said. “I think that’s the bigger question.”

“We don’t want it to be a dumping ground,” Moriarty said in response.

Mayor Markey Butler, who put Moriarty’s letter on the council’s agenda and who supported much of what she was saying, added that more landscaping could be done around the entrance to Brush Creek Road from Highway 82. The town contracts that work out, Kinney said, and could consider budgeting more for or changing its contracts.

There has been talk in the past about creating a volunteer group to help with that work, but the idea never took off, Butler said.

Town Cleanup Day, when residents and workers of Snowmass Village volunteer to pick up trash and debris leftover in public spaces from the winter, is May 15. Town Clerk Rhonda Coxon said she would make a list of issues or large trash that volunteers come across.

The town will also begin communicating with the rodeo board and other organizations about what can be done.


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