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History: Snowmass vies for a piece of the sales-tax pie

Jack Schuss, mayor of Snowmass Village circa 1978.
Aspen Historical Society/Aspen Times Collection

“Snowmass town readies first budget,” read a headline in The Aspen Times on Sept. 28, 1978 regarding the newly organized Town of Snowmass Village. “Snowmass Village trustees have approved a preliminary first budget for the new town of $680,350.” The article explained some of the services that the county and the Snowmass Resort Association previously handled would now be assumed by the new town, including road maintenance, plowing, town management and garbage collection, among other services. The article read, “Mayor Jack Schuss is negotiating with the county and the City of Aspen for an equitable slice of the sales-tax pie. He has anticipated that Snowmass would get a minimum of $150,000, but it looked after a meeting Monday that it might be more like $100,000. Whatever the Snowmass share of the sales tax turns out to be, there will be plenty of need for the money in expanded services and capital improvements, Schuss said.” He went on to explain that, “the trustees felt, Schuss said, that planning and zoning ought to have the priority as the new town gets started, so $56,267 is budgeted to come up with a plan for growth and development. Committees will be organized soon on transportation, employee housing, capital facilities and other aspects of that growth. Schuss said the budget may be ‘light’ in a couple of areas. He said only two police officers are provided for and the estimate for animal control may also be low. … The town will be running with 14 full-time employees.”


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