History: Snowmass stage race

The Snowmass Stage Race was a grueling event as described in the July 31, 1986 Aspen Times. “Stage two was a muscle-straining climb on Suicide Hill at Snowmass; ten laps of murderous 14% grade under a searing sun that none of the racers was looking forward to. But this is where you get an idea of fitness, of how long it takes someone of Bjorn Backman’s strength to recover. And sure enough, when Backman led the diminishing lead pack up the staggering hill for lap after lap, finally finishing easily in first place, there emerges a certain mystique to the sport and to the athletes who excel in it.”

Bjorn Backman, a member of the Swedish National Team racing for MCI, is shown winning the Suicide Hill climb. Backman was the overall race winner as well.