History: Snowmass development

One b/w photograph of new buildings and continuing construction at Snowmass Village and the base of Snowmass ski area, circa 1970.
Aspen Historical Society/Mobius Collection

“Janss sells S-at-A to AM. Cement” The Aspen Times reported on Oct. 31, 1968. “American Cement, an equal partner in the Snowmass-at-Aspen development with Janss Investment Corp., will acquire full ownership before Dec. 31. … In a joint statement issued by the companies involved, Edwin Janss, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Janss, said, ‘It has become obvious to both American Cement and ourselves that the best interests of Snowmass will be served if the development is under the leadership of one company. We take pride in our discovery of Snowmass and in the fulfillment of our vision for its development. In view of our fine relationship with American Cement and our confidence in that company, a decision has been made to reduce our participation and turn the ownership over to them. We will continue to support Snowmass and retain an active role in its growth.’ … When it is finished Snowmass is expected to be the largest fully planned resort community in the United States. Total investment on completion is estimated at upwards of $75 million.”