Snowmass History: ‘Resort for all season’ |

Snowmass History: ‘Resort for all season’

As part of a recent donation by Dick Moebius to the Aspen Historical Society Archives, we present a certificate noting his charter membership in the Honorary Snowmass-at-Aspen-Society. It is dated Dec. 17, 1967, and is signed by Stein Eriksen. The certificate reads: “This honor is bestowed upon the above named for having attended the Grand Opening of America’s most exciting new ‘Resort for All Seasons.’ Having enthusiastically and energetically participated in … and survived … the Dedication Activities, Charter Members are hereby accorded all rights and privileges of the Society during their next visit to Snowmass-at-Aspen. These include: Free ice, special rates on liniment, complimentary instructions on correcting eye strain induced by watching stretch pants on the slopes and mini-skirts in town and a free subscription to the official Society Handbook on a Less Painful Morning After.”

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