History: Not quite snow polo

It is that time again for the annual Winterskol — a tradition created in 1951 when mid-January was a slow time of year. Events such as the Ski Splash and the Canine Fashion Show inspired a new level of foolishness in all.

Winterskol 1982 was no exception. With the theme of “A Pinch Between Your Cheek and Fun” had many grand events in Snowmass from hot-air balloon rides to skijoring to a Snowmass summit series telemark race.

Derived from the Norwegian word of skikjoring, which means ski driving, skijoring combines cross-country skiing with either a dog, a horse or sometimes a motor vehicle. The 1980s version held in the rodeo lot included a few jumps, a horse running at full blast and a crowd to see who could finish the obstacle course in the fastest time.