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History: Keeping up with the Joneses

In the early 1900s, The Aspen Times often reported on the comings and goings of local residents and a section was put aside just for the Brush Creek area called “Brush Creek Items” or “Notes.” On May 14, 1905, it was reported:

“Lots of snow and cold night.

The grain that was sowed early is coming up nicely.

Jack Kanble went to Aspen Monday, attending to court matters.

William St. Clair went to Aspen last week and purchased a new grain seeder. He has faith in his coming crops.

Mrs. Mamie Harris made a flying trip to the city of Aspen last week, on a spring tour.

Mr. Robert Roberts made a trip to Leadville last week to look after business matters.

Wm. Harris sold a fine bull last week to John Sterner of your city.

Mrs. Roberts had some trouble getting to town with a load of hay. A bad place in the road caused her to remove from the wagon the entire load.

Wm. Harris is preparing to move to Kansas, therefore he is a busy man. He is doing quite a good deal of trading here of late. He will make the trip overland. We are very sorry to see him and his family leave our community. Our best wishes go with him.”

And you too can keyword search these old papers from 1881 to 1963 online by visiting http://www.aspenhistory.org and going to the newspapers’ link via the Archives tab.