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History: Home brew

One 5x7 glass plate negative of a man in a board brimmed hat with a pipe and stein of beer, sitting on a wooden chair, leaning on a wooden table. Appears to be at the rear of Bowman's Musee and Saloon located on E. Cooper Ave. circa 1900.
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In May of 1926 The Aspen Times posted an article by the United Press out of Washington on the issue of making homemade wine, liquor and beer — a popular practice in the rural areas of Pitkin County during the Quiet Years. “Home brewing, and even running a small distillery in a private dwelling, provided the product is for personal consumption, may be carried on free from federal interference under the plans announced today by assistant Secretary of the Treasury Andrews. Recognizing that a man’s home is his castle, the dry czar has decided to ask congress to change the wording of pending legislation designed to allow federal agents to search any private dwelling suspected of violating the prohibition law.”

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