History: Drill, baby, drill | AspenTimes.com

History: Drill, baby, drill

“Work begins on Project that may be area’s richest” The Aspen Times announced on June 27, 1957. “Work began last week on a project which may well become one of the Aspen area’s most lucrative enterprises. After nine days of preliminary installation, drilling was started yesterday, June 26, on the first oil and gas well ever sunk in Pitkin County. Located on the Brush Creek road approximately three miles from the state highway, the land being drilled is owned by A. Werk Cook and leased by John Oakes, Aspen Sports store owner and Graham Campbell, Salt Lake. The well is being drilled by the Utah Southern Oil Co. of Salt Lake City under contract with Oakes and Campbell. The land on which the present well is located is but part of a total of 8000 acres leased by the two entrepreneurs.”

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