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History: Classic race, classic sport

An article from the Aspen Today’s Dec. 20, 1974 issue described the Aspen Classic Cross Country and Silverboom Ski Races held in Snowmass. “Settled in a large, round valley that frames the majestic and powerful Mt. Daly is the Snowmass Touring Center. Last weekend, there were two races there. On Saturday, there was the Aspen Classic, a National Tryout Race for the U.S. cross country ski team. On Sunday, the Silverboom, a Citizen Race for anyone interested.”

With over 200 racers competing over the weekend, the village was an exciting place for the rapidly growing sport of cross country skiing. That year a special note was taken for the several “special” finishers, including the Pausback family from West Village with five family members competing and the youngest racer to finish, Thor Reeds, a 5-year-old also from West Village.

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