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“They’ll make it. It’ll be touch-and-go in spots, but they’ll make it by Dec. 15,” promised Bruce Sutherland, the on-site representative for the architectural firm of Frederic A. Benedict & Associates in the Snowmass Villager in late November 1967. As a summary of all the work that needed to be finished for the opening: “On the Commercial Center: The buildings will be substantially complete in two to three weeks. … On the Convention Center: I think they’ll be open…Upper Willows: (two buildings) both of these will be complete within three weeks. … Wildwood Inn: It is complete. … Silver Tree: They will be complete in three weeks. … Pokolodi: They will be all done in two weeks. … Snowmass Inn: That’s one of the buildings we didn’t design, but they are already open for all practical purposes. … Mountain Chalet: This is a different kind of building. He (Ralph Melville) thinks he’ll be open by Dec. 20. … Shadowbrook Condominiums: This is all done. … Employee Housing: I think they’ll be moving in by Dec. 15th. … Electricity, phones and heating were just a matter of hooking them up and then testing at the last minute. They’re tired, they’re run down. But they see the end… ”

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