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History: A camp like this

Pictured is an image from the Add Rucker collection showing a tent setup, with an awning right next to it and an American flag flying from a wooden pole. A caption at the top reads “Camp at Snowmass near Aspen, Colorado,” and typed on the back is “Our camp at Snowmass, 1911. I sent this one because we never see a camp like this anymore. People stay at swanky hotels or motels nowdays.” Add Rucker was the son of Judge Rucker, whose home was on the corner of Center and Main streets. They moved to Aspen in 1879 by horseback when he was a young boy. Add later worked as a miner at the turn of the century before moving to Denver and then San Francisco. He sent a scrapbook album with the image to the Aspen Historical Society in 1963.