Snowmass history: Aspenglow |

Snowmass history: Aspenglow

A “Tips to assure an Aspenglow” brochure from the late 1960s in Aspen, with Aspen Historical Society as the photo credit. Sean also comes up with the head for hist, as I’m not picky with it and it’s mostly driven by what fits best.

“A special screening of a new promotional film, ‘Aspenglow’ which was shot at Aspen and Snowmass last winter is scheduled for the Aspen Skiing Corp. meeting Wednesday, Nov. 6,” The Aspen Times proclaimed in 1968. “‘Aspenglow’ was filmed by well known ski cinematographer Dick Barrymore and is being distributed throughout the country and Canada for showing to all interested groups. There has already been a large demand for the film, the skiing corp. said.” Snowmass executive John Cooley said, “the movie successfully expresses ‘Aspenglow,’ that hard-to-define magic which Aspenites try to explain to visitors and which usually must be experienced first hand.” The Snowmass specific parts of the movie shows Lars Larsen skiing, Stein Ericksen skiing with his ski instructors wearing capes and scenes of the Village. A large and long standing campaign began from the “Aspenglow” phenomena including brochures, maps, advertisements and paraphernalia like hats.