Here we go again |

Here we go again

Jill Beathard
Editor’s Note
Jill Beathard

Wow — what a change we’ve had in the past few weeks.

A couple of Mondays ago, we went from Indian summer to winter in a few short hours. I think the best way to explain the contrast would be a before-and-after photo of the same place — kind of like I wish I had for my hair, which also underwent a dramatic change last week. But y’all don’t want to hear about that. Seeing is believing, though — I’ll tell you that.

The transition into winter took place just in the nick of time and was enough not only to open the ski areas but to open one of them early. Even so, most locals didn’t wait around for the chairlifts, including this girl, who with a friend schlepped her unreasonably heavy powder skis most of the way up Tiehack before deciding, “Here’s good enough,” and taking her first turns down some breathtakingly fluffy powder. Good enough for mitigating my fear of missing out, as I took off for a Thanksgiving/birthday trip home before the early opening.

Something you can only appreciate by being on the ground here in Aspen/Snowmass is the changing of the seasons. This time was probably more dramatic than usual — it was happening slowly, slowly, slowly until all of a sudden one dramatic plunge in temperatures and precipitation sent us to the North Pole. But still, you kind of felt it coming: A couple of storms hit early on, the sun was dipping down behind the mountain earlier, the nights were getting colder, the ski swaps were starting …

Something you can only appreciate by being on the ground here in Aspen/Snowmass is the changing of the seasons.

Being tied to the land and the weather is an interaction between man and nature that’s as old as time. We all go through transitions in career and personal life, but there are some that are in sync with something going on outside ourselves.

Around here, our lives are tied to the seasons, certainly in a different way from how our forefathers’ were, but it’s still powerful. I think that’s unique and refreshing in modern life and probably a big reason why this place still draws so many people. I certainly love it.

So if you’ve been here all year and you joined me in some pre-chairlift turns, cheers. If you’re our guest, welcome, and I hope your trip provides you some rest and rejuvenation.

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