Guest editorial: Vesting key to progress in Base Village |

Guest editorial: Vesting key to progress in Base Village

Dwayne Romero
Guest editorial

Economic recovery and growth in Snowmass should be our focus, and the opportunity is now.

Snowmass Village has seen strong economic growth this summer season, and we are experiencing new excitement. Now is the time to capitalize on this momentum.

Stay Aspen Snowmass President Bill Tomcich has reported a 72-percent gain over last year’s winter bookings with three-quarters of those reservations in Snowmass. We commend the town’s marketing board and staff for their continued focus on building additional business. Events such as Wanderlust, the USA Pro Challenge and next weekend’s Tough Mudder contribute to our overall success.

The growing relationship between Sunrise, Oaktree, the Aspen Skiing Co. and Related has great potential to drive additional occupancies and vitality for Base Village and more generally for the town as a whole. The proposed ski-in, ski-out Limelight Hotel, for-sale residential units and a fractional club, a Snowmass Mountain Club and the second phase of the Viceroy hotel in the spring of 2015 will enhance the town’s tax revenues, generate additional revenue for local businesses and increase local employment.

It is fundamental to establish the initial vesting extension framework so that stakeholders can work together toward completing the development in a timely and organized fashion without the risk or threat of the rules changing midstream. This is essential for our funding partners, our development partners and our community partners.

We are ready to initiate construction, and we have partners ready to do the same. We understand the need to bond for the public improvements, and we understand the need to provide the necessary commitments and securities to ensure that all of the work started is completed.

It’s time to move forward. Let’s do this, together.

Dwayne Romero is president of Related Colorado.