Guest editorial: Jeff Kremer for Snowmass Town Council |

Guest editorial: Jeff Kremer for Snowmass Town Council

2020 Snowmass Town Council candidate Jeff Kremer.
Jeff Kremer/courtesy photo

My name is Jeff Kremer and I am a candidate for Snowmass Town Council. I am a 29-year resident of Snowmass Village and a 35-year resident of the upper Roaring Fork Valley. My 40-year career in behavioral health has ranged from direct service to, over the past 20 years, a senior manager on two leadership teams. I believe this experience provides me with a unique skill set that can be applied to Town Council; I know how to lead and manage, am aware of organizational dynamics and have the ability to act as a change agent.

Beginning in 2016, I served on the Parks, Open Space, Trails and Recreation (POSTR) steering committee for approximately a year and a half. We largely collected and analyzed what the community wanted in these domains, as well as the importance locals ascribed to a variety of potential innovations. I was fortunate to be named the first chair of the POSTR Advisory Board, a position I held for about two-and-a-half years until November 2019 when I stepped down.

From this, you may guess I am invested in our special environment and the multitude of recreational activities we are privileged to engage in. I see these two areas as the core of what draws a diverse group of people to our mountain community. Whatever differences we have, I believe we all share a love of our surroundings and the myriad activities we can participate in, whatever our specific interests and ability levels. From this shared core we are drawn together.

Given this opportunity, I want to make explicit the principles that will guide my tenure as a council member:

As a councilman, I will stress quality of life and enhancing that quality of life for those who live in our town;

Elevate the notion of community character and what it means to base decision-making on such a notion;

Protect and preserve our cherished environment, open space and what constitutes the “spirit of place” that is Snowmass Village.

If you have interest in a more detailed view of my platform, please go to Facebook @JeffKremerFor SnowmassTownCouncil.

Growth and its pace are of active concern in Snowmass Village. If you are like me, you have an underlying sense that “Just Big Enough” means to build on every square inch of developable land until we are either done, or the supporting financial climate fades. The reality is there is no more space for really massive projects like Base Village or the Snowmass Center to occur. The only exceptions I can identify are if the mall were to be redeveloped or if open space becomes subject to development.

Given two large construction projects are in the pipeline with five-year vesting rights, we need to be aware of the amount and pace of construction going forward. I would propose such construction needs to be staged or phased to insure our small town is not overwhelmed by construction and its impacts.

I want to be a partner to the citizens of Snowmass Village. As I know I do not have all the answers, I will be open to your thoughts, ideas and concerns as I will with council colleagues, commissions and advisory boards.

My intent is to be of service. More than ever we need to come together as a community and I want to be a part of that community building process. The changing dynamic of Town Council will allow for new opportunities through this election; I hope to be an element of change in that new dynamic. Let’s move forward together!

Jeff Kremer

Editor’s Note: The Snowmass Sun offered each Snowmass Mayor and Town Council candidate the opportunity to write a 600-word guest editorial piece before the Nov. 3 election.