Forming a village |

Forming a village

One b/w image of Snowmass Village employees in the Aspen Times, November 30, 1978 - pg. 4A. The three people in front are Mary Drake, clerk, Demi Thompson, assistant, and Art Hoaglund, building inspector; back row l. to r. are Red Scarlet, Maintenannce Dept. director, Jack Schuss, Mayor, Larry Hall, Road Maintenance supervisor, Steve Schubert, animal control officer, Joe Braun, equipment operator, Mike Kelly, town marshall, Joe Wells, planning consultant, and Greg Smith, supervisor of snowplowing.

“Snowmass Village, a baby on its own” described the Nov. 30, 1978, Aspen Times. “Snowmass Village was incorporated on Sept. 20, 1977. The new town had until Nov. 22 to take over all the functions that had been divided by the county, the Snowmass Resort and Homeowners Assns. Last week, right on schedule, Mayor Jack Schuss proudly announced that it has all happened, and he invited the new officials of department heads to a birthday party. This summer it appeared that Schull and the newly elected officers had their work cut out for them. There was the matter of the county to agree to a distribution of the sales tax. The new town had to work out an agreement with the homeowners association to take over the maintenance and plowing of the roads. A similar arrangement had to be made with the Snowmass Resort Assn. (SRA) to take over roads that groups maintained and assume the collection of trash and garbage. The annexation of some 3,000 owned Snowmass Corp. lands was a major and primary goal. This week, Schuss said all of his aims are about to be realized. Agreements for road maintenance and plowing are expected to take effect Dec. 1. The town will assume the collection trash about Dec. 15. The annexation, which will give the town roughly 11 square miles of territory, will also be accomplished in mid-December.”

Pictured in the image are the first Town of Snowmass Village staff in 1978. In front from left are Mary Drake and Demi Thompson, clerk and assistant, and Art Hoaglund, building inspector. Behind from left are Red Scarlet, director of the maintenance department; Mayor Jack Schuss; Larry Hall, supervisor of road maintenance; Steve Schubert, animal control officer; Joe Braun, equipment operator; Mike Kelly, town marshall; Joe Wells, planning consultant; and Greg Smith, supervisor of snowplowing.

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