Enjoying a bird’s eye view of S’mass in 1988 | AspenTimes.com

Enjoying a bird’s eye view of S’mass in 1988

One color slide of the Hot Air Balloon Race/Festival in Snowmass, July 1988. There are 19 balloons pictured.
Aspen Historical Society/Provided

“In an age when practically everything we do has a purpose, ballooning stands alone. Ballooning is different for the simple reason that pilots have little control over their craft,” perceptively described The Aspen Times article in summer of 1988. “In fact, they are at the mercy of the elements and even the most experienced can be blown off course. Aspen Balloonist Fred Gorrell says about his sport, ‘We don’t always know where we are going to end up.’ … The most appealing aspect of the sport is that once the balloon is high about the ground, not much happens. … Enjoying a bird’s eye view of the Snowmass Valley at last weekend’s Snowmass Balloon Festival and watching 50 wildly colored balloons floating above the golf course and Rodeo Grounds may not be an action-packed adventure, but it sure was enjoyable.”