Eat through the offseason

Amanda Charles
Snowmass Sun

Per usual, many shops and restaurants in Snowmass Village have closed their doors once again for the offseason. But for the few who have stayed behind to watch the snow recede from the slopes and gallivant through the mud puddles of May, there is hope — if you’re hungry, that is.

Our forever-faithful Taster’s will hold down the fort for those interested in catching some rays on the patio with a beer and a slice, but for those searching for a little more, the Westin’s dining facilities — including the Vue Lounge, Snowmass Kitchen and Starbucks — will remain open with farm-to-table eats specially catered for the locals who stay year-round.

Taking the time to talk to me about the Westin’s dining options, Scott Cochran, director of food and beverage, enlightened my taste buds with signature dishes and must-have happy hours, and he let me in on a few summer ideas locals and guests will be biting at the bit for come June 1.

Snowmass Sun: For those who have yet to dine at the Westin, what kind of dining experiences can they expect to find between the Vue Lounge and the Snowmass Kitchen?

Scott Cochran: Regardless of where you choose to dine, I feel there is something for everyone. We offer great food at reasonable prices in a sophisticated and casual atmosphere and always take the extra step to accommodate any dining request.

SS: What kind of menu items and specials can I find at the Vue Lounge? At the Snowmass Kitchen?

SC: The menu at the Vue is really enticing for locals, offering a daily happy-hour menu with shareable snacks like nachos, pizzas, wings, sliders and $4 beer specials. The dinner menu is essentially a version of the winter menu, including salmon, steaks, chops and salads. Serving breakfast and lunch, the Snowmass Kitchen offers a variety of high-quality ingredients and flavors that change according to the seasons.

SS: What can one expect to spend on a meal between the Vue and the Snowmass Kitchen, and what are the hours of operation?

SC: Between $15 to $30 on average. The Vue Lounge serves happy hour and dinner daily from 4 to 9 p.m., and the Snowmass Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Our Starbucks will also be open for breakfast and lunch from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

SS: What ideas and/or new menu items do you plan to introduce this summer?

SC: Starting June 1, we are really looking forward to focusing on outdoor lunch and dinners on the Vue deck overlooking the mountain. We will appeal to a variety of tastes, like outdoor barbecues with interesting chops, burgers, brats, chicken sandwiches and New Belgium beers all packaged together in one tasteful, happy-meal presentation. From a culinary standpoint, we want to be as farm-to-table as possible by implementing ingredients that highlight the months of the summer season.

SS: Anything else?

SC: Yes. Our goal in our summer menu engineering and programming is to continue to build the finest-quality culinary preparations using local farms and ranches. We want to pass on value to the community and those who live in Snowmass year-round. Our price points are set to be attractive, and we are open to suggestions.