Eat out — stay in |

Eat out — stay in

Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun

What if you could have food from your favorite Snowmass Village restaurant delivered right to your doorstep — for no extra cost?

Holly Karp, a waitress in Snowmass Village, has created a business around doing exactly that. Started at the end of last summer, it’s already a hit, especially with visitors who are looking for some variety but may not want to leave the condo.

“A lot of the people visiting here don’t have means of transportation, and if they do, they may not be comfortable driving in certain weather conditions,” Karp said. “I definitely see a spike of business during snowy nights. Or maybe they’ve just had a long day on the mountain. I’ve been getting a bunch of feedback from families who don’t want to bundle their children up and lug them to a restaurant.”

Karp has partnered with a variety of restaurants in Aspen and Snowmass, delivering everything from pizzas to more complicated fare from The Artisan and The Edge. The restaurants and their menus are listed on Snowmass Village Restaurant Delivery’s website, and diners can place their orders there or via phone. Once an order is placed, a dispatcher calls it into the restaurant and notifies a driver.

“I tried to design the site as user-friendly as possible,” Karp said. “People can browse the menus, customize their orders, put in their address and pay all without picking up the phone. … Or they can call me. It saves all your information so repeat use is even easier.”

One popular restaurant for people to order from is Stew Pot, which owner Fletcher Duke says often gets calls about delivery but doesn’t have the means to provide it. Holly’s business is helping Stew Pot reach additional customers without its staff having to do any more than it normally would for a takeout order.

“It’s additional business that, without her service, we wouldn’t have,” Duke said.

Right now, Karp is only delivering to destinations within Snowmass Village. Delivery from village eateries is free, but if a guest orders from one of the Aspen restaurants listed on the website, there is an $18 charge. Karp just asks that diners tip their drivers well — they are working solely off gratuity.

Snowmass Village Restaurant Delivery operates from 5 to 9 p.m. every day of the week during peak seasons. Food usually arrives within 30 minutes, although it depends on how busy the restaurants are, Karp said.

Other delivery options

While Karp’s business might offer the most variety for delivery, other restaurants in Snowmass also offer that option for their menus. Slice and Taster’s, which each serve pizza and other Italian dishes, offer delivery, although both are also utilizing Karp’s business to maximize their service.

“We actually do quite a bit of delivery, and it gets super busy,” said Heather Hall, owner of Taster’s Snowmass. “A lot of times people call Holly when we have long delivery times.

“She’s really professional. It’s no problem having her represent (Taster’s).”

Bia Hoi, filling a niche vacated by the closure of Mountain Dragon last winter, also started delivering during dinner hours this season. The Base Village restaurant, which serves Southeast Asian cuisine, has a specific menu for delivery, which is online at