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Letter: No pot shops in Snowmass Village

Dear Town Council,

You’ve asked for feedback and input.

No. Please. I beg you.

In life, we have an opportunity to have a great reputation. Do we really want to compromise our coveted village’s reputation? Is it worth it for a few sales dollars? At what cost? Why? I am absolutely horrified at the possibility that this is a possibility. A complete, direct conflict with what all the leaders before you and all the townspeople have tried to create here. Family, fun, health, mind, body, spirit, integrity, living life full out.

I get the whole conversation that we have liquor stores. Drinking alcohol is bad enough for those who can’t control themselves, but does this idea make it right? So what if our guests want pot? Let them drive to Aspen and buy their pot. Do we have to be like every other town in America? Can’t we stand tall and say “not in our town”? We don’t promote gateway drugs. Haven’t we lost enough kids and adults alike to addiction? I’ve been around enough kids in this town and it is not perfect. We have many kids who are addicted and lost.

Let there be no mistake, local pot advertising at any level of intensity will have a desensitizing effect on children and youth to this drug. The negative effects of this ill-considered idea of the industry will be felt in our community for years to come.

Personally, I would like to hear from the police, EMS, fire personnel, teachers, clergy and, of course, parents.

Please speak for Snowmass Village’s children and do not fail them. I believe having pot shops as normal and easily accessible to future generations now and each year is totally not worth added tax revenue and will forever cloud our beautiful reputation.

I beg you, Town Council members, please come together and acknowledge our reputation of a world-class community/resort. Don’t let this idea rip the fabric of this special place. Let’s not lose the battle to remain a safe, fun, wholesome town for sensible, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens to retire, vacation or to raise a family away from the detrimental big city issues.

Leah Moriarty

Snowmass Village

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