Congratulations from the Snowmass Chapel |

Congratulations from the Snowmass Chapel

Dear Seniors,

Congratulations! You made it! We have absolutely loved seeing you grow into such astounding young men and women. Over the years you have skied, hiked, camped and rafted with us, played sports with us, volunteered for our kids camps, served alongside us, worshipped with us, prayed with us, had dinner with us, celebrated special occasions and sad ones, too, and been part of the fabric of this special community.

It has been our privilege to baptize you, mentor you, confirm you, and watch you grow in your faith.

But perhaps our favorite memories of your school days are these: the times when you stopped to say hello in the grocery store or the school halls; the times when you were brave enough (or maybe innocent enough) to wave to us in front of all your friends at the middle school; the times when we hadn’t seen you for, like, years, and then you showed up for Christmas Eve services in a suit and tie; the times when you texted and asked if we could meet you for lunch so you could cry on our shoulders; when you trusted us with your secrets and shared your heartaches; when you were the first ones ever to come to Camp SMashBox!! There are so many things you have done – maybe without even knowing it – that have touched us and have proven to us what outstanding young people you are.

As you head off to college remember this: No matter how far you go or how long you stay gone, you will always be welcome here. We love you and we wish you nothing but God’s blessings and love in your lives.


Charla, Kara, Adam, Robert, and all of us at Snowmass Chapel