Business as Usual: Snowmass Mall boutique offers a bit of everything

Compiled by Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun
Michelle McCuiston opened EnJay Boutique on the Snowmass Village Mall two years ago. The store sells an eclectic array of current styles in clothing and accessories.
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Editor’s note: Business as Usual is a series highlighting local businesses in Snowmass Village. It is published weekly in the Snowmass Sun.

Michelle McCuiston turned a passion into a living two years ago when she opened EnJay Boutique, one of just a few women’s apparel stores in Snowmass Village. A fashionista in her own right with a background in the industry, McCuiston carries on-trend clothing and accessories in a wide range of styles.

Snowmass Sun: How did your business start?

Michelle McCuiston: EnJay Boutique, pronounced like the letters N and J, is named after my two children, Noah and Jasmine, and completely inspired by them. After my divorce, I bounced from one seasonal job to another and struggled to find full-time, year-round work — or any work at all.

After many sleepless nights and just as many anxiety attacks, I was determined to create an environment my kids and I could depend on. Something beautiful, something hopeful and something I not only enjoyed but loved. EnJay is an eclectic boutique with everything from delicate fabrics trimmed in lace to studded leather jackets.

Snowmass Sun: What goods or services do you sell?

Michelle McCuiston: It really depends on the time of year. In December and January I carry a fair amount of knitted furs, cashmere, faux furs, jeans, leggings, riding pants and sweaters. However, I do keep in mind that Snowmass attracts people from all over the world, and most come from warm climates. So there is always a selection of flowing summer dresses and tops as well as fun and funky lightweight pants with a bohemian flair.

Snowmass Sun: Who is your primary clientele?

Michelle McCuiston: It’s so funny — when I go to market and do my buying, reps always ask, “Who is your customer?” thinking we can narrow down the spectrum, and I have to laugh, because everyone is: the young man coming in to buy his mother something special just because; the endearing husband picking up a gift for his wife; the exquisite Latin American woman; the young woman; professional woman; the gregarious, genial Australian. The list goes on. And it’s fun, a blast. There’s something special for everyone, with a wide range of price points. That’s what makes it work.

Snowmass Sun: What makes your business unique?

Michelle McCuiston: You. Everyone has a certain style. Some like to stay within their comfort zone, and that’s beautiful in its own right. Some are bold and outrageous and like their statement pieces; I like to call them movers and shakers. Then you have the soft and sweet who like romantic, billowing fabrics. There’s the fun and funky who really know how to put it together and make you look twice. But most of all it’s the woman that’s all the above. That’s right. Sugar and spice and everything nice!

Snowmass Sun: What is the best thing about running a business in Snowmass?

Michelle McCuiston: Well, it’s not the parking, but the beauty, people and family are an amazing source of support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, Snowmass.


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