Beathard: What you have left is what matters |

Beathard: What you have left is what matters

Jill Beathard

Summer has started in Snowmass Village.

If you couldn’t tell by the weather, which has changed dramatically since the last time I sat down to write a column, Ragnar Trail took over Town Park last weekend, and this week the Snowmass Mammoth Fest, the kickoff to summer in Snowmass for the past 13 years, returns with its biggest lineup yet.

But there are some other, smaller things going on only perceptible to locals. Friends are coming back in town. Birthday parties are being thrown on bar patios and parks, and other “events” are starting back up — the Ladies Luncheon at the Snowmass Chapel, for instance, and for me a bowling excursion on Friday night felt like quite an occasion.

Little things like the luncheon are the simpler kind of event, the kind that just makes you feel at home. And home, by definition, means you feel special to be part of a group.

I felt that way at the chapel last week, very welcome despite seeing many faces I didn’t recognize. That’s one of those things that people say about Snowmass, and the chapel more specifically, that is so very true.

So even with the wonderful success Snowmass is starting to see with its events, and how much fun they are and how much attention we’re even getting from the Aspen kids, at the end of the day, what Snowmass will have left at the end of the season is this awesome community.

Now that’s worth celebrating.

Jill Beathard is the editor of the Snowmass Sun. Email her at