Beathard: Wanted: Voice of a generation — er, village |

Beathard: Wanted: Voice of a generation — er, village

Jill Beathard
Editor’s Note

Calling all town criers, gadflies, concerned citizens and anyone who’s just plain opinionated …

Mel Blumenthal has decided to exit the Snowmass Sun stage after roughly 10 years opining on its pages. I think Mel would agree that his column has provoked reactions in people from one extreme to the other, but always he got people talking about important issues in Snowmass Village.

Which brings me to my purpose this week: I want this opinion page to continue to be a platform for the residents, property owners and workers of Snowmass to discuss the issues that uniquely impact the village. Roger Marolt and I hit on those topics from time to time — I think Roger did an especially good job representing a sentiment held by a lot of community members this week — but we can’t hold down the fort on our own.

So, if you or someone you know has an interest in Snowmass issues, can string a few sentences together into something coherent and can adhere to a weekly deadline, send me an email and let’s grab coffee. Because this little paper is about one thing — the Snowmass Village community — and all the voices of that community need to be represented as fully as possible.

Jill Beathard is the editor of the Snowmass Sun. Email her at


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