Beathard: It’s my turn to entertain |

Beathard: It’s my turn to entertain

Jill Beathard
Editor’s Note

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed this column has been somewhat absent of late. Yes, I’ve been traveling a bit, but that’s really not the issue. The thing is, there’s been a lot of important issues in Snowmass Village over the past few months — your first ever recall election, a substantial amount of work on a Base Village application, and a very vocal debate over whether your water should be fluoridated — and that means many of you have been submitting letters to the editor.

Given the importance and timeliness of all of those issues, I stepped aside to give you space to communicate your positions. It’s exciting to have some healthy public debate on these pages, and it’s inspiring to see so many people care about local issues.

While I haven’t been opining on this page, I have been writing a weekly column in the Friday arts and entertainment section in The Aspen Times about my involvement in Aspen Community Theatre’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Yup, that’s right, I decided I didn’t have enough to do already and joined a theater production, something I used to do in high school and have sorely missed ever since. It’s been exciting, exhausting, scary and fun, and I’m so happy I decided to fill my evenings working on something that’s going to be so awesome and that has allowed me to meet some really cool people.

So please come laugh at your local reporter trying to portray a singing, dancing plate — just don’t bring anything to throw. We have eight performances during the first two weeks of November, all at the Aspen District Theatre.

If nothing else, it’s time we had some entertainment around here that wasn’t the local news.

Jill Beathard is trying to decide whether her dish will run away with the spoon. (Thanks, Kevin, for that line.) Email her at