Anderson Ranch is the best |

Anderson Ranch is the best

Paul Soldner said the following in a 1996 oral history with Lynn Kallos from the Aspen Historical Society archives:

“Yeah, well, it’s a wonderful place to come to study, there are so many other activities and things to see and do here. Most of the people don’t even have time, they are so busy at the ranch, they don’t even get into Aspen or out into the hills. But I think … I was interested in trying to create a school, a professional art school on the level of the Music School and maybe the Institute and it has become that in a different way. It’s not a school, it’s short-term workshops, I guess. But I will say of all of the workshops in the country, of schools that have this kind of centers that have this type of activity, the Anderson Ranch is the best. It pays the instructors the best, therefore they get the best because of that they have full enrollment. … But it’s based on the quality and that would be similar to what the (Walter and Elizabeth) Paepcke’s were interested in, the quality of the program.”

At left is Paul Soldner in front of the Anderson Ranch Ceramic Studio in 1999, courtesy of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

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