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A fiery fall visitor

“Forests Burning” reported The Aspen Times in September 1896. “Forest Fires broke out yesterday morning about 8 o’clock near the head of Brush Creek on the long slope between there and Maroon. Under the influence of a strong wind blowing from the West the fire made rapid headway and all day until late in the afternoon great clouds of smoke rolled over the city. Maroon hill and other points West of Castle Creek was entirely obscured at times and a heavy cloud of smoke hung over the West point of Aspen Mountain. Up to last night no endangering of life by the fire had been reported although several campers and timbermen were compelled to move out on account of the stifling smoke. The fire which is a regular fall visitor in that section will no doubt exhaust itself within a few days or as soon as the down timber has been eaten out.”

An aerial photograph of Aspen and the surrounding area showing Pyramid Peak, Burnt Mountain, the Maroon Bells, Willow and West Willow as labeled. It was taken April 28, 1961, from D.R.C. Brown Jr.’s plane.

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