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Zimet: Move government to Lumberyard

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

So what should we do?

1. The Lumberyard should be developed as a government campus. The new jail, courthouse, and all Pitkin County and city of Aspen offices should be located at the Lumberyard. All of the downtown Aspen real estate that is now being used by government should immediately be repurposed to become housing. 

We learned during COVID that government can operate remotely, and that many government workers really don’t need offices, so it makes no sense for government to continue to use our town’s prime downtown real estate for office space. Housing belongs downtown, and that location makes a lot more sense for the future of our community than does housing out at the Lumberyard. Downtown housing would be a first step in addressing our traffic problem and would enable a future car-free downtown. 

2. We should congratulate APCHA on its 50 years of service, declare a secular jubilee, and release the deed restrictions. A house divided cannot stand. Our community can’t continue divided into Class A and Class B citizens. A unified community with one class of citizens is our only chance. APCHA delenda est.

Millard Zimet