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Zimet: Don’t audit deed-restrict housing

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In Elizabeth Milias’ recent column (“What are they hiding?” The Aspen Times, Dec. 4), she wrote that APCHA must conduct an audit, so that it can know who it’s housing, and she described the sort of personal financial information that APCHA should be gathering. 

To be fair, she’s not wrong: If APCHA is going to continue in its current form, it badly needs an audit. So, if you like APCHA and think APCHA is the future, then her column is a must-read for you, as she outlined the type of information that APCHA is going to want to harvest from our community.

But, for the rest of us, there are serious privacy and civil-liberty concerns. It’s a very bad idea to empower APCHA to gather and monitor our community’s personal-financial information (which will inevitably be leaked or hacked). And, once APCHA starts gathering and monitoring this information, it will continue to do so forever. This doesn’t end well.

Please don’t audit Aspen’s deed-restricted housing program. We have to stop the APCHA surveillance state while we still can. APCHA delenda est.

Millard Zimet