Zadvorny: That rare gem |

Zadvorny: That rare gem

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is more rare than you would believe to have a state representative who truly represents his constituency every time he votes. It is even more rare to have a state representative who proactively represents his district and works across this aisle to make sure that happens.

Perry Will is a rare gem in the Colorado General Assembly, and a breath of fresh air in a typical tumultuous political world.

I am a pharmacist who has spent my career, for over 20 years, taking care of Coloradans. Importantly, I have closely worked with Perry Will, over the past two years in my role as the executive director for the Colorado Pharmacists Society. In those two years, Rep. Will advanced legislation that helped pharmacists gain provider status under Medicaid to better assist patients, and worked to make sure that small pharmacies are paid appropriately to sustain their businesses across Colorado.

Both of these pieces of legislation helped pharmacists statewide, but especially those who run smaller pharmacies in rural areas. Both bills also helped make sure patients in his district, and statewide, have access to important health-care services.

I have seen Perry Will be a thoughtful representative, and a true bipartisan leader with a proven track record of doing the best thing for the people of House District 57, and all rural Coloradans. From health care to agriculture, Rep. Will really takes the time to understand how he can help move important policy forward.

Regardless of political party, Colorado at large would be lucky to have a respected, considerate and honorable man such as Perry Will in the Legislature for many years to come. Please re-elect Rep. Perry Will for Colorado, House District 57, and your local pharmacists.

Emily Zadvorny