Yeager: The clear choice

After 31 years living in PitCo, I’ve seen 80% of the electorate support Braudis or DiSalvo in every sheriff’s election when running with opposition. This is because of their values, specifically, and, most pertinent, the shared vision of the leadership role as sheriff. 

Only one candidate in this election has a proven track record of leadership and an unparalleled depth of experience. It’s DiSalvo! 

It’s maddening that any law-enforcement election is politicized. Minimizing qualifications to party lines is a joke! The best candidate is already sheriff. It’s DiSalvo! 

All the crap being slung at Joe is nothing more than half-baked attempts to discredit him through tired gaslighting tactics and weak, straw-man arguments. Period! Any noise outside of ‘who is best to lead’ the Sheriff’s Office is emanating from personal vendettas. 

Buglione’s issues with Joe are grossly personal. Despite all the low-road, character-assassination attempts by his supporters, his only contention with Sheriff DiSalvo centers on how to best operate our county jail and define its purpose. Given the opportunity to have a leadership role in the jail, he not only declined, but it was so beneath his ego. He resigned! He quit! This information is enough to make the correct decision for who should lead as sheriff. It’s DiSalvo! 

Joe has exemplified standing tall and taking responsibility for his shortcomings, both personally and professionally. He learns from mistakes and evolves. This is the cornerstone of his set of values! This is what a leader looks like. 

Vote Joe DiSalvo 100%

Jimmy Yeager