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Yaw: Marolt rethought

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As an architect involved in design process, I have found that impediments, including stall-outs of diverse opinion, can be clear signals for new and innovative recourse!

Leaving evacuation strategy, S-curve retention, Castle Creek bridge, et al., to resolution for highway engineering professionals, I urge the re-imagining of the Marolt parcel from latent sacred space to that of a forested entry “vestibule” designed to perceptually enhance and define the terrains of Aspen West, which could — even with an appropriately scaled roadway corridor — traverse to a condition of downtown entry, along with pedestrian opportunities. 

If paired in context with the North Star Preserve, the unique cityscape of Aspen would then be permanently defined by landforms of enduring natural beauty and vestibule-like quality.

Simply a paradigm shift in fixed perceptions can often bring people and solutions to achievement — give it a shot!

Larry Yaw