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Yan: 12-year-old son inspired

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Our family lives in New Jersey. My 12-year-old son visited Aspen this past Christmas. While he was there, he hiked to the top of Highland Bowl and skied down with his best friend. Here is a poem he wrote about this memorable experience: 

The Grand Bowl

Beneath the peaks that tower high and grand,
We tread upon the path that winds its way,
With every step, the air grows crisp and bland,
And all around, the beauty on display.

The trail we hike is steep, but oh so fair,
With rocky cliffs that rise up to the sky,
And as we climb, we catch a glimpse of where

The bowl awaits, up high, where eagles fly.

We reach the top, and breathe in deep the air,
With hearts so full and spirits lifted high,
We stand in awe of all that’s grand and fair,

And wonder at the beauty of the sky.

And as we ski back down, we feel alive,

With memories that will forever thrive.

Ryan Yan

Princeton, New Jersey