Wynn: When do we just say enough is enough?

This is just a reminder that our congressional representative, Lauren Boebert, who was so outspoken over the compromise concerning raising the debt ceiling limit that she tweeted about it 13 times in 72 hours — skipped the actual vote.

She’s just too busy building her brand to actually give this district a voice. Whether or not you agree with the way she was going to vote, we deserved a vote. She is unfit for this job and only concerned with lining her own pockets.

She has a pretty simple simple job for $180,000 a year. Showing up in time to vote is a big part of that. What an embarrassment she is to the entire district. Republican and Democrat aside, this is the largest (by land mass) and one of the most naturally-diverse districts in the country.

We all deserve representation, not someone who puts TV appearances above her job. 

Anyway, hope everyone has a great summer! The Western Slope is a magical place, and we need to stick together to keep it that way.

Aidan Wynn