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Wynn: Policy ahead of mud-slinging

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We have a very important election coming up, both nationally and locally, and we have some decisions to make. For the last two years, our district has been saddled with a petulant child who thinks “owning the libs” is governing, and her sole purpose is to line her own pockets. I, for one, am sick of that and ready for change. For that reason, I will be supporting Adam Frisch for Congress. 

Not only has he presented a platform, plan, and ideas, but he has also been traversing the district and talking to anyone and everyone who will meet with him. This is something we are not seeing from his opponent, as she spent all last week in Tennessee at a fundraiser. Yes, in Tennessee, raising money. Somehow, that leads me to believe that her representation will be anything but her district. 

Adam wants to represent all of the district, not just the select few that benefit some big donors. He has already shown that he is willing to vote against his personal wishes if it benefits the community; go check his votes during his time on the Aspen City Council.

Do we want someone who will vote party over people, or someone who will do what’s best for all of us? I am going to vote for the candidate who puts policy ahead of mud slinging. Join me, District 3, and let’s move beyond this current embarrassment.

Aidan Wynn