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Wynn: Community comes together for my dog

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Today, my elderly dog, Frazier, took a walkabout. He usually hits the yard, goes to the end of the driveway, and comes back. Today, he decided to take a walk on his own. Being 15, almost deaf, and only having one eye makes him pretty vulnerable out there. Winston and I were frantic when we realized his brother had absconded the North 40. 

I frantically searched on foot all around my house and neighborhood, to no avail. Then I got not one but four calls asking me if Frazier was gallivanting around the AABC like a man of leisure. I was able to track him down with the help of the entire AABC. He was cold, wet, and hungry when he got home, but he did get home. We are still a community out here. 

Frazier will be under a close watch from here on out, and all our future time with our ride-or-die for 14 years is due to the community of the AABC. We still have a little bit of Aspen left out here. So a heartfelt thank you from the Wynn family of Winston, Frazier, and Aidan to the residents of the AABC. I have my little dog home tonight, thanks to you all!

Aidan Wynn