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Wynn: Can’t go down same old path

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Here we are in another local election cycle, and here we are with another decision to make.

One of my favorite things is when I hear a politician make the claim, “I alone can fix these problems” — when most of the time they have been in charge and haven’t fixed the problem and usually has made it worse.

The same can be said for the current leadership here in Aspen. Why are we going to re-elect the same people who have proven to be feckless, out of touch, and refusing to listen to opposing views?

We need new blood, new opinions, and divergent thoughts to make sure we come up with the right solution. If you have a room of six people, and all six people agree, that idea is going to be a failure.

I am asking people to give Bill Guth a shot: read his platform, ask him a question, and I’m sure you will see why he should be our representative.

Do I agree with all of this ideas? Certainly not, but would I have a beer with him and listen to his point of view? Absolutely.

We don’t need another Greg Abbot, Ilhan Omar, or Lauren Boebert. We need more centrists who want to represent all of their constituents — not just the ones that voted for them and align with their personal agenda. Bill for City Council.

Aidan Wynn