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Wrubel: Aspen Film’s closing credits for 2022

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As 2022 draws to a close, Aspen Film would love to thank everyone who recently joined us for our 30th Academy Screenings. In particular, we are so appreciative of the volunteers who make this event run so smoothly.

We were delighted to showcase some of the season’s best global-cinema offerings and to welcome Aspen’s hometown sweetheart Kate Hudson, as well as world-class director and Aspen fan Scott Cooper — in person to provide our community with incredible film insight and discussion.

This has been a landmark year for Aspen Film, with our ongoing programs (The majority of which are free) as well as low-cost and/or exclusive sneak screenings (Your membership matters!) We are also proud to announce that we expanded our FilmEducates program and team, with a focus on more bilingual programming and an expanded footprint down valley.

And, our biggest news of the year is Aspen Film’s acquisition of the Isis Theatre in October 2022. This ensures a programming home for Aspen Film in perpetuity and a community space for more arts, more programming, and more gathering.

We couldn’t do what we do without you! In honor of our 30th year of Academy Screenings, we received a matching donation of $30,000. As we approach the last hours of 2022, donate today to help us reach our year end goal of raising $60,000!

Susan Wrubel

Executive and artistic director, Aspen Film